Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rocky Point

I had a chance to go to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico this past week for a lighting workshop. I have taken workshops from Don Giannatti before but I think I am finally starting to comprehend some of the principles that allow me to use the technical skills that I am learning in order to produce the shot that I have visualized in my head. In essence, I'm gaining some confidence in the control of the shot and light.

Accompanying this post is a little video that I put together of a few of the shots that I took while in Mexico. Flickr has just recently started to host video and limits them to 90 seconds so I followed that rule in order to have it hosted on the site. I should have some additional post later in the week on the Mexico trip, but I thought that I would get this little video posted for now.

1 comment:

Brad Armstrong said...

I thought some of the photo were very nice. Although it is difficult to get an overall impression of the your images because of the Ken Burns effect. I can't see the composition in it entirety. I want to see the environment and how you directed the model in the space. I also want to see what decisions you made with respect to depth of field, lens choice and perspective. I would advice to let the images speak for themselves and keep Ken Burns of out. Just my opinion.