Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Through the Viewfinder

I stopped by one of my photography websites the other day and found some inspiration and an interesting technique that I just had to try. The website Photojojo is all about inspiring and making photography fun. Anyway, this entry was about taking shots through the viewfinder of old cameras. They use the example of an old Kodak Duaflex or a Kodak Brownie, but I didn't have either of those cameras available. I did have a Chinese build Seagull that I purchased a few years ago to take medium format shots. I used it a few times but the lens was so bad I decided to retire it to the closet. I used it on this project but the focus ring in the view finder is clearly visable so I might have to find one of the other models at a garage sale or thrift store if I am going to continue with these types of shots. There are people on Flickr who have made an art out of this style shooting. Below is my attempt using some flowers that were in my dining room window.

Through the view finder

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