Sunday, November 18, 2007

Japanese Friendship Garden

My friend Chase, and I, went over to the Japanese Friendship Garden here in central Phoenix today. It is a surprisingly well laid out and maintained space that is part of the city park system. It is an oasis in the midst of all the development going on downtown, in fact you can see the central library building poking over the trees showing how close the garden is to central avenue. Anyway, I first visited a few years back when I went to a commitment ceremony there. Everyday after work I pass it on my way home, although it isn't open during the week this part of the year. Starting in January they plan on opening from 10-3pm.

I took a couple of photos of some of the various sculpture that they have in the garden, one in particular had some very interesting Japanese writing on it, and I got some photos with my 50MM prime lens. Earlier in the weekend I was checking out some information that I had download from a photographer name Joey Lawrence. I probably will have another post on him at a later date since his stuff is interesting, but in any event, I used some techniques of his on one of the sculpture photos just for fun. Basically it is the combination of two photos into one using Photoshop. I'm not sure I am satisfied with the result but since I spent time on it I thought that I would post it anyway.

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Hawking said...

Reading your blog is a refreshing dose of culture and sophistication. I have enjoyed keeping up on your travels and events through this outlet and hope to get together soon to get some of the additional details. Have a happy Thanksgiving and a great holiday season if I don't see you before then.