Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Caden Revisited

My friend Crystal wanted a "butt" shot of her baby, I'm not sure why, perhaps as fodder for his therapy sessions as an adult or perhaps just to embarrass the hell out of him at some future office holiday party. Anyway, she came over and we shot these under a soft box while balancing him on a table covered in black cloth. Full disclosure, I usually don't make it a practice to put picture of friends and family on my blog, but given the low readership of this blog (frankly just me); and the fact that Crystal already posted these on her Flickr site, I thought it would be ok. The photos make me jealous of baby photographers, how can you miss when you have such a great subject? Caden is particularly cute - I think because he is so content and has a pretty happy disposition.

Go ahead and click on the photo to get blasted by some huge eyes.


Amber said...

Caden is adorable! I had seen these pictures on Crystal's flickr account.

Chase Acosta said...

Poor kid is gonna be such a momma's boy.

Chase Acosta said...

PS - you are not the only reader of your blog.