Monday, July 23, 2007

Glamour Exposed

I tend to segment my life; so it is no surprise that I have kept some of my photography away from the more conservative posts that I have been showing in this blog. I've decided to go ahead and include some of this "other" photography.

I sometimes shoot glamour photography. There I said it. I've had a stigma about admitting this to people partly because my day job is working for a bank; and partly because I am in my early 40s and most of the glamour models I shot are in their early 20s. I didn't want to be labeled "that guy" you know the creepy guy with the camera, the one that goes around taking pictures of young girls. Anyway, after going through some of my images from some recent shoots I decided to post some on the blog and also post a link to my portfolio in the side bar. In this age where posting too much personal information can lead to all sorts of trouble, I hope that I don't live to regret this.

But to be honest, I like my shots. Far from being dirty or pornographic, I really try to photograph these women to bring out the intimate nature of their individual beauty. In addition, and I know that this might sound silly, but glamour photography has also taught me so much about the nature of light and its impact on illuminating the subject of the photograph. I know that these women are very beautiful, but the lighting surrounding these shots is much more difficult and technical then it appears. Believe me, it is very difficult work.

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