Saturday, July 28, 2007

Phone it in...

There are obviously very strong deterrents to cameras on mobile phones. Limited mega pixels, small sensor size that introduces digital noise, no shutter speed or aperture control and no built in flash. However since most people carry their phones the majority of the time, having a camera at a moments notice is better than not having one at all. In addition, the camera on mobile phones has a fixed focal length and is really a throw back to earlier cameras, such as the the Kodak Brownie and even Polaroids.

For practice I sometimes try to take photos with mobile phones just to see if I can capture a sense of place; and convey structure or pattern. I haven't been too successful so far but it will remain an ongoing project for me, as I think that using the simplest tools to create interesting images is part of the fun and can make one a better photographer.

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