Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oh Baby!

My friend Crystal had her baby in early July and I had the chance to go by and see her new son this past week. Her husband Joe and her seem to really have taken their new responsibilities in stride. Their son is a very content baby and very beautiful. He slept a good portion of the time that I was there and when he was awake he was looking around taking everything in.

Of course I brought my camera and took some pictures of him. What I discovered is that babies are sort of like super models, you can't seem to get a bad picture of them. I took over 100 pictures of him and it was difficult to throw any out. They are of course some that have him blinking or sleeping, but overall a very cool experience.

Now I need to go back and continue editing these pics as the parents await. I just had to post a few here first.

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