Saturday, June 16, 2012

I have been trying to learn some of the new 3D features in Photoshop CS6. I have to admit they are very cool and a bit more approachable then the interface that was in CS5.

In any event, I decided to challenge myself to create something using the new tools. So in honor of Bloomsdays, I "extruded" (Photoshop term) a map of Ireland and placed it on a simple background with a quote from the book. Like everything creative that I try for the first time, it's muddy, and awkward, but in some self irony, I'm going to try to learn from the quote that I used and think of it as a source of new discovery.

Thanks to Corey Barker, who had a great class on the Kelby Training website on how to use these new features.

Happy Bloomsday everyone.

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