Thursday, June 7, 2012

"...but then I figured out my sorrows could swim."

"I really thought I was becoming mad. I started to drink, I was really, really deep into drinking, because I was sad. I thought that I could drowned my sorrows, but then I figured out my sorrows could swim."
-Tranquilino Castaneda on the affects of dealing with the massacre of his wife and nine children at Dos Erres, Gutamala in 1982

While on the treadmill at the Y tonight I listened to a recent episode of  This American Life titled "What happened at Dos Erres". The podcast is an hour long.

Between images of Piers Morgan interviewing Chaz Bono on one television screen and TMZ playing on the other television screen, I listened to a very moving story about a place and people I had never heard of.

The first 30 minutes are rough - incomprehensible evil by one set of humans on another. The second 30 minutes was more inspiring, the story of a mystery solved and the realization by a survirer that he wasn't alone in the world after all.

The podcast can be found here: What happened at Dos Erres

And a video of the reunion between father and son was posted on ProPublica's channel here:

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