Saturday, August 21, 2010

Puerto Vallarta Post Card

I was in Puerto Vallarta last week and what better place to test my Canon G11 camera along with the new intervalometer. This is my first attempt at time lapse and although rather crude I thought it was an interesting and fun result. The sunsets over the Pacific are very beautiful and this captures a little of the essence of that experience. This was taken from my fifth floor room at the Fiesta Americana in PV. The music is a little dramatic but just deal with it since I don't want to re-edit the video and it was an initial grab from a free music website.

(Editors note: For playback I would recommend setting the quality to 720p, there is a drop down menu on the bottom right side of the menu that let's you detemine this number and I suggest you set it to that for best play back; or simple go to my YouTube channel and watch it there.)

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