Sunday, November 16, 2008


My friend Nicole asked me to take some promotional photos of her boyfriend Daniel, who is an up and coming hip-hop star. Daniel goes by the stage name Serious. I'm not a huge fan of hip-hop but I have to say I'm really enjoying the CD that he gave me after the shoot. We shot at a warehouse downtown that has several areas where graffiti covers the wall, which we thought would make a nice backdrop for the photos and give it an edger, urban feel. I have been experimenting with a three light set up recently. This type of arrangement, with two lights at 45 degrees behind the subject and a beauty dish as the key light in front, is very popular right now. Not only does it provide nice lighting coverage and separation from the background, but it supports an edger, more contrast type of post processing in Photoshop. We had a lot of fun at the shoot, we had two other photograhers, Jim V and Megan, along with Lorri helping with make up. Serious also had his entourage which included Adrian, who helped by holding some lights during the shoot.

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carlos benjamin - said...

Nice.... Looks like that trip to Tucson is paying some dividends. Just the kind of shot this genre calls for.

Give me a call sometime when you're doing a shoot. Don't let Jimmy V hog all the fun......