Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Antelope Canyon meet HDR

I have never been a big fan of a digital process called HDR (high dynamic range) imagery because it sometimes renders photos that look fake. But I have been working with a software called Photomatrix which is working much better than I had expected. I used it on some bracketed exposures that I took at Antelope Canyon and was pleased with the results. The difference beteween the highlights and the shadow/dark areas was pretty extreme within the canyons, but the software was able to merge several of these exposures together to come up with a very balanced shot. I plan on experiementing with this HDR software some more and perhaps work it into some composite photos that I have been learning about.


carlos benjamin - benjphoto.com said...

The problem with HDR is that some folks don't know when it starts looking bad. They just push the sliders too far. A good HDR just looks like a really well exposed photo and not cartoonish with halos around everything.

Amber said...

Hi Jerry: I love the photographs! I haven't been to this part of the state, but will definitely need to add it to my list!