Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Visual Storytelling Workshop

A few weeks ago, in early July, I went to the Santa Fe Workshops and attended a week long session with Bob Sacha on visual storytelling. Bob is an ex-National Geographic photographer who has moved on to a multmedia company called MediaStorm. He is also a terrific teacher. During the class we produced three multimedia stories using a slideshow software and an audio software. We had to learn to record and edit audio interviews, ambient sounds and action sounds to combine them with still photography to produce a coherent story.

For my final story of the three for the week, I interview a Santa Fe firefighter, Engineer R. Leroy Lopez , who told me the story of a baby that was born just a few minutes too soon, at least for him. I can't thank him and the Fire Department enough for the time he gave me as part of this project. I also want to thank Captain Greg Clayburn, of station #4 for allowing me to interact with his firefighters. The picture posted near by is one of the photos that I took during my time together and it is shown at the end of the slide show.

The slide show was called Elevator Baby and you can watch it by clicking on the link.

Using audio with my photographs is something that I have been interested in for quite a while. The audio brings a second sense to the experience and draws in more emotionally to the stories being told. As Bob mentioned in the class, we remember 30% of what we see, 50% of what we hear and 100% of what we feel.

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carlos benjamin - benjphoto.com said...

I've been very interested in getting into multimedia like this. We'll have to sit down some time and talk about the workshop..... Have you done anything like this since the workshop?