Monday, August 6, 2007

The Best Hamburger in Phoenix

I had a great burger tonight and it got me thinking about who has the best burger in town. Actually for me this is an easy choice, because I don't think anyone else comes close. Well, there were a few other places that I did consider. There is the Roaring Fork in Scottdale, but I haven't eaten there in years and they won't let you order take out off the bar menu. It is also located in the old FINOVA building, which I affectionately refer to as the "house that my 401(k) built" - tough memories so don't ask. Of course the sentimental favorite, The Chuckbox, is a consideration because they make a decent burger and it has been in business since before I moved here in 1978. I have fond memories of the place from high school, college (before big games) and after I graduated. But honestly, the Chuckbox doesn't use the best beef and they don't cook to temperature. This is the key, as you will note how I feel from a previous blog entry. The temperature issue also eliminates any of the fast food chains from contention, because they don't want to take, shall we say, the e-coli risk. Keegan's was a consideration but I like the tenderloin sliders the best, and I didn't think if fair to include those in a burger catagory.

So my chioce for best burger in Phoenix goes to Delux Burger on 32nd & Camelback. They ain't cheap at 9 bucks a burger, but the occasional splurge is worth it.

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Chase Acosta said...

Absolutely! I hear that the Heart Attack Cafe in Tempe also makes a mean burger but I haven't tried it yet. If you are ever in Historic downtown Chandler, 98 South makes a one pounder that you have to share.