Monday, June 11, 2007

My Second City

I visited Chicago this weekend to attend my nephew’s wedding. Chicago is a terrific city. Great cities are self aware of their own significance and it seems that there is this collective consciousness of its leaders and citizens that drives them to initiate projects that are unique in scope and design. To visit Chicago is to be able to participate in the great public benefits that the city has to offer whether it be in the public transportation system, the arts, the many parks and public spaces. That doesn't even consider the legendary sports teams, great institutions of higher learning or it's museums. I walked around the city most of Saturday taking pictures of some of the public art that the city has to offer. The Picasso I remember from my childhood because it gathered so much attention during my youth; you can read more about the “Chicago Picasso” at this link:


The city recently completed a new portion of their lakefront park system, which is called Millennium Park. The park has a giant stainless steel jellybean type structure (the name is actually Cloud Gate) as one of the highlights. No matter how you approach it or walk around it, the artwork reflects back a portion of the skyline or the lakeshore thus reminding you of the great city that surrounds you. You can read more about the scupture here:

Cloud Gate

The final pictures is of Marc Chigal’s mural “Four Seasons”. You can find out more about this sculpture at:


I’ll write more later, but wanted to get an initial post up.

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