Sunday, June 3, 2007

Maui Wind

Past the beach through the resorts and onto the sugarcane fields, the wind in Maui was constant. I first noticed it while I was on the beach one night photographing the early evening light. I spoke to a lot of people who had visited Hawaii prior to my visit and I don’t remember many of them talking about the wind. Perhaps they mentioned it and I didn’t take note or maybe I was foolish not to expect it on an isolated island chain in the middle of the Pacific. Strong enough to knock you over at times, I’m sure that I will miss it on warm nights in the Arizona desert.

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Kate said...

The next time you come to Hawaii, and you consider O‘ahu as a island to visit, contact me. Anyone who wields a camera with your experience should have a more intimate look at Hawaii. I know you do models, which says lots about set-up, but photogs can often get a recharge from going outside their comfort zone.
You pack a lunch, go around the island in a non-A/C car, tradewinds and sea spray cooling you, and stop at the strips of beach the locals stroll on.
Open invite, with just some aloha, through a Flickr explore.

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