Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Accidental Tourist

I’ve come to realize that tourist get a bad rap. There have been times when I have traveled and seen the big, air-conditioned motor coach and thought to myself “those people aren’t having an authentic experience…” But then there I was, in Hawaii, on a big air-conditioned motor coach in my swim shorts, flip-flops and a one-inch layer of 48 spf sunscreen, headed out for some grand adventure called the “Rain forest hike” or the “Sea kayak adventure”. Granted that these experiences where closer to something you would see on the Disney channel rather than the Discovery channel but they do provide some insight. By figuratively and literally being able to stick your toe in the water you are introduced (or re-introduced) to an activity that you didn’t have the time or resources to normally experience. I haven’t ridden a bike in a number of years, but riding down Haleakala reminded me how much fun bike riding can be. I’m not the greatest swimmer but snorkeling gave me a greater appreciation for why people enjoy diving so much. These are certainly guarded and well choreographed excursions, but they can provide a limited taste to a much greater experience. So here are some pictures from my grand sea kayak and snorkeling adventure; and full disclosure, I didn’t see any jelly fish on my snorkeling trip this shot is from the Maui Ocean Center which is an aquarium located in the central part of the island. I didn’t have any other place to post it and it makes my adventure look so much more dramatic.

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