Monday, June 11, 2007

Final thoughts on Chicago

I really lucked out with the weather this weekend in Chicago. Because I grew up near there, I guess I always anticipate that it will either be very cold or hot and humid. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Weather like that expands the accessibility of the city and allows you to explore so much more. I walked everywhere and ran into a few things I hadn’t expected like a book fair, the old popcorn stand that my dad use to buy from and the gentlemen that I mentioned in the post below. The downside to all this good weather is that it doesn’t quite set the mood I was looking for in my photographs. They all look like cheap knockoffs of postcard shots. Would it have killed them to ship in a little mist and fog for me?

One final note on Chicago in general and this is something that my brother John mentioned to me; and it relates to the video I have linked below. (I’m still messing around with the video feature of my little point and shoot camera). The shoreline along Lake Michigan is all city owned, which makes it exclusively public space and not subject to private development. If you watch the grainy, shaky video below you’ll be able to see the vast park space that borders the lakeshore. I can’t think of to many other cities where the public waterfront is so well preserved and protected for its citizens. In most of the world only “the man” gets the waterfront property.

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Patrick said...

Jerry - What a great site you have created. I have enjoyed viewing your pictures and thoughts on your adventures. I am excited to visit this site again and learn more about your travels. If at some point you decide that banking is not for you....continue with photography, your pictures are AWESOME! Love ya. Patrick