Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random report from Maui...

Spent the early part of the week doing several activities, one of which was a sunrise mountain bike ride down Haleakala volcano. The tour company that leads you down the mountain picks you up at your hotel at 2AM so that you can get up the mountain before the sunrise. There is a national park at the summit and the staging for the ride down is done in the parking lot there. Not exactly the most intimate setting because you are up there with 300 other bikers from the various tour companies. Before the ride you can watch the sunrise over the volcano’s crater. It is a unique site, but because you are over 9500 feet, it is extremely cold and windy. I snapped off a few pictures before I headed back to the van to warm up. The ride down is a blast. You basically coast down the mountain never having to peddle. It is like the fastest hike you have ever experienced. Great views all the way down to the ocean. Pictures are of sunrise and the mid-point stop.

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