Friday, September 10, 2010

Puerto Vallarta Recap

Not sure that I will get back to Puerto Vallarta for some time, but wanted to note a few places that I found fun while I was there.

  • Cafe Roma is a fun, casual pizza resturant off the main strip. The place has cheap Corona's and very good pizza. After you have been in Mexico for a few days, a change of pace is welcome. The prices were also a relief as the tourist places were surprisingly expensive even in this weak economy.
  • Archie's Wok is another nice find, serving fine Asian cuisine at reasonable prices. Food was very good and service was very friendly. Again not a Mexican food place but a nice change of pace if you are in PV for several days.
  • Porto Bello was an excellent. It was very surprising to be in Mexico and discover such a good Italian restaurant. I highly recommend this place but be warned that it is not cheap.
That wraps up my notes from PV, not sure when I will be back but it a nice beach location with non-stop service from Phoenix. I can also use my frequent flyer miles which makes this a destination one that I will consider again in the future.

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