Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marliese in Santa Fe

I'm planning on writing a more complete post on my trip to Santa Fe later in the week, but for the moment, I thought I would post one of the pictures from the weekend. This is Marliese who is a relatively new model, only 9 months in the business, and a mere 19 years old. As my dad use to say, "I think I have ties older than that." (Do people still wear ties?) Anyway, not only is she a natural beauty, but smart and creative to boot. I put one of the other shots from this set up on my Flickr page, so as not to bore people over there with redundant shots I thought I would post this one here. More on this trip later this week.

1 comment:

Brad Armstrong said...

Love this Photo! The light ratio between the model and the background is perfect. Just enough seperation without getting to extreme. The dark clouds over her head is terrific and one of those lucky days I guess.

I like how she isn't over posed and looks somewhat vonerable. I only wonder what she would have looked wearing western clothes in this setting.

Very cool, Cheers