Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam

I was at the grocery store the other night and picked up a copy of Arizona Highways magazine. This month the entire edition is dedicated to Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam. I have enjoyed this magazine for most of the 30 years that I have lived in Arizona, and have subscribed to it from time to time. The photography is remarkable almost too good from issue to issue. I also enjoy the "hike of the month" and "back road adventure" each month. My biggest compliant about Arizona Highways is the consistently poor writing in the magazine. The articles always seem so mundane and pedestrian. This month, however, there is an excellent article written by Larry Cheek a Seattle based journalist. who writes a very balanced article from the environmentalist point of view regarding Lake Powell. I would have linked to it but there is no online access to the article that I can find.

In any event, this month's issue reminded me of a trip that I had taken with my friends Tim and Joey during the New Year's of 2001. We hung out in Flagstaff for the celebrations and took a side trip to the Lake Powell area. I found some pictures from back then, not very good but fun to look at because they are starting to get to that age when photos become valuable even if the exposure wasn't just right. There is a picture of Tim standing on an overlook to Glen Canyon dam. There is also a photo of the Hamblin Moutain range which is on U.S. Route 89 just south of the Lake Powell area.

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