Monday, October 1, 2007

Dugout Seats

I know that I am long overdue to put a post up on my blog, but sometimes you run out of things to say. I finally did something a little more exciting then surfing the net. A week ago Saturday, I went to the Diamondbacks and sat in the most amazing seats. A friend had planned a birthday party for her husband and bought the "dugout suite" which is really just an extension of the home and visitors dugouts at Chase Field. We sat on the Dodgers side and were able to experience the game like I have never done before. We even got to see (and hear) a tirade by David Wells the Dodger starting pitcher after he had a tough inning. He ended up breaking a chair. The D-backs won, and really started their final drive to the playoffs with that series. Hopefully more exciting times lie a head for them. Thanks to Chase (my friend not the bank) for being so generous with the ticket.

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Chase Acosta said...

Anytime Jerry! In 'bout next year. We need to pick a game...and a side.