Tuesday, August 14, 2007

8/12/07: Stranger of the Week

OK, this stranger of the week segment hasn't quite worked out the way that I thought it would. Actually the segment is more about me than about strangers, because it was suppose to motivate me to introduce myself to new people, find out their story and post a little insight into the everyday world that I encounter. Unfortunately it hasn't worked out that way, but I will try to be better going forward. My hope was and is, that a theme continually explored becomes more interesting as different dimensions are found and more introspective of the photographer taking the pictures.

In any event, the newest stranger of the week was working the counter at Coffee Plantation on Mill Avenue on Saturday night. I asked him to take his picture and he was happy to do so. His father is a professional photographer and had a similar camera to mine. I liked the piercings he had and thought that they would be interesting to photograph.

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Amber said...

I think I've been served at Starbucks by this guy before. . .