Saturday, June 16, 2007

"It's a principle of physics"

A few thoughts about my dad today. When I was growing up, I like most kids, I suppose, thought my dad was the smartest guy in the world. I was able to ask him the most complex questions about science, math, any subject really and he had the most straightforward answers. Many times when I would ask him about some phenomenon that I had seen in the world he would say "it's a principle of physics". He then would go on to explain the answer using Newton's third law of motion or the Kelvin scale of thermodynamic temperature. It wouldn't be until many years later that I even understood what physics was, but his explanations always seemed to satisfy me and it gave me a great interest in science and ultimately philosophy.

My dad had a healthy philosophy towards life, a devout catholic, he was also a man of rational thought, this allowed him to blend the spiritual with the pragmatism of the modern world. He loved gadgets, technology and especially photography. I remember that he brought back a 35MM Konica camera from a trip to Tokyo in 1972. Later, after he had died, that camera was the one I started learning on. So photography is something that I inherited from him, and therefore I curse him every time I go to buy a new lens or have to get the latest update immediately to Photoshop. I also miss him the most at those times because I know that he would have been fascinated by the way photography, especially digital photography has progressed and it would have been something we could shared and enjoyed together. But it is not bad to miss someone, it makes you value the time now, with the people you love.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads today.

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Patrick said...

Thanks Jerry for sharing the thoughtful comments about dad. It is nice to hear you have fond memories. Again, I enjoy your site and will continue to visit.