Wednesday, June 20, 2007

6/20/2007: Stranger of the Week

First off, I must admit, that I stole the "Stranger of the Week" idea from another blog. Actually the photographer on that blog was posting a "Stranger a Day", which seemed far to ambitious for me. But I found the idea compelling. I particularly like the concept because I tend to be shy and it is difficult for me to meet new people sometimes, but by having a "project" that I was working on, I had a purpose to approach people and ask them for a photograph. So far I have only really done it once in Chicago, and actually it was a guy looking for some spare change, so I guess technically he approached me. See post below. But I digress. Since I really didn't have a photo to share this week, I thought that I would put one up that came from my recent workshop to Guadalajara. I was walking through the town of Jocotepec, when I met this guy. He was friendly, spoke decent English and wanted me to take his picture. He had family in Southern California and was interested in telling me all about them. I eventually had to duck in a store to get away from him. I thought he had an interesting face with good character. The lighting wasn't the greatest because it was around noon on a very bright day. His nose is almost blown out. Next time I will use a reflector or some other way to bring some light to the other side of his face.

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